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Designs & Slogans Description
"My Sponsor Can Beat Up Your Sponsor" with a picture of a vintage boxer.
"The Monkey is off my back but the circus is still in town" with a picture of a monkey grinning.
"Clean and Sober Not Dead" on a black maltese cross. The letters and a highlight line are actually clear. The color of the material will be the color of the wording.
"Clean and Sober Not Dead" on a black maltese cross. The letters and a highlight line are red.
" Keep On Trudgin' " with a picture of a man with a cain
"Clean and Sober Not Dead" is on the scroll at the bottom of this royal looking coat of arms.
"The Monkey Is Off My Back But The Circus Is Still In Town"
"Be Nice To Drunks, Someday They May Be Your Sponsor"
"I Tried To Drown My Feelings But The Bastards Learned To Swim"
"I Thought I Was Dancing Til Somebody Stepped On My Hand"
"My Bad, I Thought You Said Streaker Meeting"
"I Am A Defect In Search Of Character"
"I May Not Be Much But I'm All I Think About"
"Sober Sapien"
"Progress Not Perception"
"Pedro For GSR"
"Sometimes When I'm Alone I 13th Step Myself"

"Balk, Balk, Balk"

"Sanity Happens"
"Quit Taking My Inventory"
"Sober Bitch" with a picture of a victorian proper woman
"Clean and Sober Not Dead" on Wings and Bar Design. Cool Biker Design
"My Sponsor Says Under Every Dress Is A Slip" with a picture of a proper sponsor.
"My Sponsor Says It Is Better To Give A Resentment Than Get One" with a picture of a proper sponsor.
Sponsor Man Design so you can add your own text or one of our other slogans underneath.
Peace Recovery Design
Peace Recovery Design #2
Recovery Swirl Design

Dave Harm Design #2

Dave Harm Tshirt Design
Recovery Starshow Design
Recovery Black Sun Flame Design with text "Miracles Happen"
Recovery is Sacred Grounds
Red Sun Flames 2 Color
Recovery Sun Thorns Design with text "Grateful Not Dead"
NA White Spotless Sun Design
NA Sun Flames Design
NA Sun Arrows Design
NA Interlaced Design 2
NA Interlaced Design 1
NA Flaming Sun Design
NA Curved Flames Sun Design
NA Bio Hazard Design
AA Sun Flames Design
AA Big Curls Design
White Spot Sun Design
Thorns Sun Design
AA Flaming Sun Design
Curved Flames Sun Design
Circular Sun Flames Design
AA Tribal Flames Sun 2 Color Design
White Spotless Sun AA Design
Interlaced Flame Sun AA Design
Curly Black Sun AA Design
Circled Sun Flames AA Design
Black Flames Sun AA Design
"Clean And Sober Not Dead" Maltese Cross
"I'm Here Because I Was Violating My Standards Faster Than I Could Lower Them"
"Searching For God Is Like A Fish Searching For Water"
"You Spot It You Got It"
"Fluent In Drunk"
"Serenity Happens"
"Under Spiritual Development"
"My Drug Of Choice Is Whatever You Got"
AA Arrow Sun Design
"I Tried To Drown My Fears But The Bastards Learned To Swim"
"I Tried To Drown My Emotions But The Bastards Learned To Swim"
Biohazard AA design 2
Biohazard AA design
Biohazard AA Design 3
"Javaholics Anonymous"
"Slightly Twisted and Glumless"
"The 12 Steps Are My Recovery Bin"
"Been There Drank That, And That, And That... And 2 Of Those"
"Sexy & Sober"
"I Came... I Came To... I Came To Believe"
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