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The Recovery Gift Designer

The Designer is easy to operate once you get the basics down. The "Products", "Designs" and "Text" tabs are the main areas of the designer. Just click a product and then choose a design. Movie it where you want it and pick your colors. Thats about it in a nut shell. More detailed instructions are below if you need them.


Picking a product

Under the "Products" tab you can see all of the various items that are offered. One uses the scroll bar to go up and down the items. By placing your mouse over the product one is told what the product is. Most items are arranged together such as mens, womens, baby and other various products.

Choosing a color for the product

Once you pick a product by clicking on it the item will appear in the designer. At this point above the new big picture of the product are little color swatches which shows you the various colors the product is available in. You can click on the color swatches and the product will change to whatever color you chose.

Once you have the product chosen in your color of choice then you are ready to choose a design to put on the product.


Pick a design

To pick a design one hits the "Design" tab. Once the design tab is chosen all of the designs will populate. Use the scroll bar to go up and down the designs. Putting your cursor over the design will tell you the product file name. This is useful when the item is so small you can not tell what it says. You can go to to see what the designs look like on various products.

Choosing a design

Once you have a design chosen click on it and it will appear on the product you have already chosen. If a design is whited out it is not available for that product. Only designs available for that particular product that you have chosen are available for picking. If you want a design but it is not available, just pick out another product to have it put on.

Sizing and Placement

Once the design is on your product you can size it by dragging the bottom corner of the design to enlarge it. You can also go below the product and use the slide bar to increase or decrease the design size. You can also move the design up and down the product using your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard. There is a button that automatically centers the design. Make sure you are happy with placement of the design by looking at it on your product.

Above the product there are little squares that shows all printable areas of the product you chose. Click on the "Back", "Front", Sleeve" etc. to have that part of the product shown so that you can add a design to that area.

You can put more than one design on an area. Pick the first design and when you are pleased with its placement click somewhere else on the product (off the design). This locks in the first design and enables you to put up a second design. This is great for putting a design and then a slogan below it.

Color of design

Below the product with the design on it are swatches of colors that the design can be done in. There is "Flex" which is a shiny material. There is also "Flock" which is a soft, velvety and puffy like material. Also are specialty colors such as metalic. Each material has its own colors specific for that material. Just click each swatch of color and the design will change to that color. See what looks best for the color of your shirt.


Adding text

You can add text to your product. Add a name or your favorite slogan to personalize your recovery gift.

Adding text is a great way to make a sobriety birthday present. Personalize it with the date and name. You can even have it birthday wrapped and a card added upon checkout.

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